GE expands Wuxi plant to serve

China’s growing cleaner energy

and water sectors

11 April 2011

GE has doubled the production capacity of its water technologies manufacturing plant in Wuxi New Zone in eastern China, adding a number of product lines and expanding its on-site membrane-element fabrication capacity.

“The expansion of the Wuxi manufacturing facility will greatly enhance our capability to help  customers implement projects to more quickly comply with China’s increasingly stringent, cleaner air and water regulations,” said Jeff Connelly, vice present, engineered systems ? water and process technologies for GE Power & Water.

Following the expansion, the lead-time from order to shipment can be reduced by 6?10 weeks, compared with ordering the same product from a GE manufacturing facility in the USA.
This is the second time that GE has expanded the Wuxi facility since it opened in 2004. Originally the plant supplied specialty chemicals to customers in China, and GE completed a 10 000 sq m expansion in 2008 to begin manufacturing advanced water filtration technologies.
Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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