NanoH2O Releases Q+ Projection Software for Reverse Osmosis Membrane Desalination
NanoH2O, global manufacturer of the most efficient and cost effective reverse osmosis membranes for seawater desalination, today announced the release of its new Q+ Projection Software. The Q+ Projection Software enables customers to optimize seawater reverse osmosis system design with NanoH2O’s nanocomposite high flux and high salt rejection QuantumFlux product line. By reducing energy consumption and increasing freshwater production, QuantumFlux nanocomposite membranes significantly lower the cost of seawater desalination. The Q+ Projection Software is immediately available for download on NanoH2O’s new website designed to support the company’s expanding commercial activity. 

Intuitively designed, the Q+ Projection Software provides customers with a new and unique feature set. Q+ users can: view key system design parameters, outputs and warnings on the same easy-to-use home screen; estimate the energy consumption of their systems; seamlessly blend different types of membranes within a pressure vessel to maximize system flux; and enter custom elements to establish performance benchmarks.

The Q+ Projection Software is featured on NanoH2O’s new website: The site showcases NanoH2O’s products and includes a wealth of information on the company’s patented and patent-pending nanocomposite QuantumFlux membrane technology.

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