The Ocean Is Contaminated by Trillions More Pieces of Plastic Than Thought

New research shows that the plastic problem is growing, but the full impact on marine life remains unknown. Somewhere between 15 trillion and 51 trillions pieces of plastic litters the world’s oceans, a new study has found. That’s three to 10 times more plastic than scientists had previously estimated. The study, led by climate scientist […]

Jakarta Is Building a Gigantic Bird-Shaped Seawall

  The “Great Garuda” seawall will be shaped like Indonesia’s national symbol—a mythical, birdlike creature. Parts of Jakarta, Indonesia are sinking more quickly than Venice, and Reuters reports that the city has lost 13 feet of elevation over the past 30 years. That would be a huge problem even if Jakarta weren’t home to nearly ten million Indonesians. But […]