What To Do If You Encounter a Flash Flood. Videos & images here

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Flash floods are common in many parts of the country and should not be taken lightly. If you get stuck in a vehicle during a flood, keep your cool and follow these steps.

The number one rule when you encounter any water crossing the road is to turn around. It might look like a little bit of water that’d be easy to ford, but underestimating the depth of the water and strength of the current has cost many people their lives. According to the American Red Cross, most cars are swept away by less than two feet of water.

Fortunately, the driver in the video below had already exited his Jeep before it succumbed to flooding.

If fast-moving water has already surrounded your vehicle, and your car is either stalled out or not moving in the right direction, then you need to get  yourself out of there as quickly as possible and get to high ground. A strong current can be dangerous to navigate on foot, so it’s best to ditch your car as soon as possible. If you get swept away by the water, try to grab whatever you can to pull yourself to the side. Maneuver over any objects you encounter, not under. Wait for help to arrive instead of entering any floodwater.

Getting swept away while inside your vehicle is extremely dangerous. Although it sounds counterintuitive, if you’re stuck inside your car, you’ll want to roll down your windows and allow water to enter your vehicle. You can escape from your vehicle through the window or, if that’s not possible, wait until the water pressure is equal on both sides of your door so it will open.

If your vehicle has successfully made it through a flood, it will undoubtedly have suffered some water damage. Here’s how to repair it to prevent mold and corrosion. Do this as soon as possible.

If you ever find yourself up against a flash flood, keep a level head and remember: A vehicle can be replaced, but lives cannot.

More flash flood videos below

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2011 above

Watch as a small creek turns into a raging wall of water, sweeping away cars from a car park, I count at least 20 cars being swept away! This is utterly insane.

This is from the flood in Toowomba on 10th January 2011

Uploaded on Jul 20, 2011 above

This unfortunate incident took place on 17th July 2011 in Madhya Pradesh, India. Five persons got caught in the rising waters of a flash flood. They lost their footing and got swept over the waterfall. As per last available reports two were saved, one dead body was retreived and the remaining two were missing. Local people had warned the tourists against sitting in the risky areas of the stream to which some seem to have paid no heed.

Published on May 23, 2015 above

In the Texas Hill Country, right outside of Tapatio Springs Resort, a vehicle is seen trying to pass over rushing water. His attempt was unsuccessful.

Published on Jun 11, 2015

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