Worlds Highest Waterfalls in an Info-Graph

Highest Waterfalls in the World
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This chart shows Highest Waterfalls in the World.

A waterfall is a place where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of drops in the course of a stream or river. Waterfalls also occur where meltwater drops over the edge of a tabular iceberg or ice shelf. Waterfalls are commonly formed in the upper course of the river.At these times the channel is often narrow and deep.

When the river courses over resistant bedrock, erosion happens slowly, while downstream the erosion occurs more rapidly.As the watercourse increases its velocity at the edge of the waterfall, it plucks material from the riverbed. Whirlpools created in the turbulence as well as sand and stones carried by the watercourse increase the erosion capacity.

A river sometimes flows over a large step in the rocks that may have been formed by a fault line. Waterfalls can occur along the edge of a glacial trough, where a stream or river flowing into a glacier continues to flow into a valley after the glacier has receded or melted. The large waterfalls in Yosemite Valley are examples of this phenomenon, which is referred to as a hanging valley. Another reason hanging valleys may form is where two rivers join and one is flowing faster than the other.

Waterfalls normally form in a rocky area due to erosion. After a long period of being fully formed, the water falling off the ledge will retreat, causing a horizontal pit parallel to the waterfall wall.

Eventually, as the pit grows deeper, the waterfall collapses to be replaced by a steeply sloping stretch of river bed.In addition to gradual processes such as erosion, earth movement caused by earthquakes or landslides or volcanoes can cause a differential in land heights which interfere with the natural course of a water flow, and result in waterfalls.

 in metres
1 KEREPAKUPAI MERÚ 3,212 ft 979 m Venezuela
2 TUGELA FALLS 3,110 ft 947 m South Africa
3 TRES HERMANAS, CATARATAS LAS 3,000 ft 914 m Peru
4 OLO’UPENA FALLS 2,953 ft 900 m United States
5 YUMBILLA, CATARATA 2,938 ft 896 m Peru
6 VINNUFALLET 2,837 ft 865 m Norway
7 SKORGA 2,835 ft 864 m Norway
8 PU’UKA’OKU FALLS 2,756 ft 840 m United States
9 JAMES BRUCE FALLS 2,755 ft 840 m Canada
10 BROWNE FALLS 2,744 ft 836 m New Zealand


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