10 Huge Water Pipe Breakdown Eruptions Around The World

How often do you get to witness a water pipe burst in the streets? Well, just pray that you never have to go through that trauma.

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 of the most fearful water pipe bursts around the world.

1. Where The Streets of A Russian City Turned into a River of Solid Ice

Pic shows: The water which had burst to the surface or flooded from the sides of buildings had formed a solid lake in the streets. At first this may look like a raging torrent of water running through a Russian town, but in fact it is a solid block of ice caused after a huge storm hit the region. People in the Russian town of Dudinka lock themselves in their homes as a powerful storm battered the region leaving many without electricity and water. But when the storm passed and they started to venture out of their homes, they found that the storm coupled with his extreme cold and not only that water mains, look at the water which had burst to the surface or flooded from the sides of buildings had formed a solid lake that had set like concrete around cars and other vehicles. These pictures make it look at first glance as if the water is bubbling and frothing around the vehicles, but the froth is actually snow and the grey coloured water underneath frozen solid ice. Other images show water pipes which had burst on houses which together with the downed power lines left the town's 22,000 residents without water or electricity and prompting local officials to declare a state of emergency. Local government spokesman Eugene Gerasimov said: "Anybody in doubt of exactly how cold it is here just need to look at the pictures which shows that even the hot water pipes were freezing, and the water that flooded out quickly formed into a solid block." The overnight low temperatures at the height of the storm had dropped to -40°C with residents that still had access to the Internet taking to social media to share stark images of their frozen town and plead for help. Several images show vehicles encased in meter-thick ice from the frozen water mains, and others show massive icicles clinging to the outsides of apartment complexes. Dudinka is located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, a massive territory in the middle of Siberia that borders the Arctic Ocean. As with many Russian built up areas hot water is provided to residential apartment blocks from a central power plant where it is centrally heated and then piped to the end destination. (ends)  

Even the hot water pipes were freezing, and the water that flooded out quickly formed into a solid block.“, said one of the residents of Dudinka (a Siberian town) on Wednesday 14th Jan 2015.

This pernicious event took place after a water main pipe burst took place after a chilly storm in Dudinka. The streets were filled with water coming out of the pipe burst.

The temperature of -52 degree Celsius didn’t help either. The entire street of the town was invisible under giant solid blocks of ice.

This incident didn’t only cancelled all the travel plans they town residents might have, they were also refused water and electricity for several hours.

2. Huge Water Pipe Burst Nearly Caused Water Crisis in Saudi Capital Riyadh

waterpipe-burst-saudi image www.h2o-water.com

According to this report, a pipeline which supplies water to Saudi’s capital Riyadh exploded near a highway. This explosion was due to a water main burst in the pipeline.

This incident took place between Janadriah and Khuraish Road. being a busy intersection, it caused a lot of traffic issues too.

This incident nearly caused a water shortage for the residents of the capital. Things were taken good control of by the members of Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC).

3. Liverpool England Witnessed A 70 Ft Water Fountain Due To A Water Pipe Eruption.

WATER-PIPE-BURST-LIVERPOOL image www.h2o-water.com

An apartment site saw an enormous water fountain in Liverpool according to the report.

A water main exploded near a residence construction site of Liverpool. The strong water pressure resulted a 70 ft massive water fountain coming out of the ground.

According to the spectators, it looked like a cloud from distance. This fountain was temporary though.

There were no losses of any kind (except a bit of traffic issues) in this case.

4. Westwood, LA Streets and Homes Get Flooded Due To Water Main Pipe Burst

WATER-MAINS-BURST-LA-USA image www.h2o-water.com

29th of July, 2014 was truly a wet afternoon for the locals of Westwood, Los Angeles.

According to the reports, an old pipe (93 years to be precise) got ruptured and started throwing around 75,000 gallons of water per minute.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Jim McDaniel said that the total loss was about 8-10 million gallons of water.

150 firefighters of Los Angeles Fire Department came in the action and around 200 vehicles were searched for casualties.

5. Water Main Burst – Streatham street, London


A Water main exploded on 1st July 2015 Streatham street, London caused traffic jam and water shortage.

It seems like Streatham street attracts such attentions. According to this report, another water line burst took place there one year later.

The later even resulted in a water shortage for majority of the areas of South London:

water-mians-burst-london-notice image www.h2o-water.com

6. When London’s Clapham Road Flooded With Foul Water & #English poo was Trending

watermains-burst-clapham-rd-london image www.h2o-water.com

That was literally a shithole in Clapham Road of London on 27th Feb 2014 when a water main burst caused flood like conditions for quite some time.

According to initial reports, a burst had taken place in a sewage pipe. This was not hard to believe given the smell and color that water had.

However, the authorities later said that there was a water main line burst and water got mixed up with silt and mud. So, no poopies.

Video from Dailymail shows the horrible conditions that night.

7. Hot Water Pipe Burst Injured 11 Bus Passengers in Russia

water-mains-russia-bus-injured image www.h2o-water.com

This might be the most fatal water pipe burst in the list as it resulted in 11 human injuries in Krasnoyarsk, eastern Siberia.

An old hot water pipe started leaking beneath the ground and made a semi visible hole in the ground. A passenger bus tried to go around the hole but the weight of the bus was just too much to damage the pipe even further.

The hot water steam filled the entire bus and the ground went super hot. Injured people were taken to the hospital.

8. A 3 year Old Died When A Water Pipe Erupted in Rio de Janeiro

water-mains-burst-rio image www.h2o-water.com

An entire neighborhood in Rio got flooded, cars got wasted and a life was lost in the March of 2013.

It looked like a fatal shower in Rio de Janeiro’s western Campo Grande district which took away everything which came across its way.

A water main exploded and threw away the water upto 65ft high in a projectile motion.

One of the eyewitnesses recorded this video of draining streets. It was like a river with strong current.

Report says 1 girl died whereas 17 were injured. There was enormous loss of properties too. Cars and homes took most of the hit.

9. 350 Residents of Stoke Newington, North London Had To Flee because of a Mains Water Pipe Rupture

water-mains-burst-north-london image www.h2o-water.com

All of this started with Blackheath getting flooded due to water pipe burst after which Islington too suffered similar pipe burst. Newington’s incident was bigger than the previous two and that’s how it made to this list.

Clearly due to aging and almost ancient water lines network in London, a 30-inch water main pipe got burst and the entire area was partially submerged under water.

This incident forced around 350 residents to abandon their homes and flee from the area.

The guardian reported London fire brigade station manager Nicol McCallum saying, “Crews used specialist inflatable boats to evacuate the most vulnerable residents and help others recover valuables. Firefighters laid down sandbags to try and minimise the water damage.

10. A Huge Sinkhole Was Opened in Selly Oak, England after a Major Water Pipe Burst

water-mains-burst-selly-oak-england image www.h2o-water.com

It was a total disaster in the making. Around late November, 2016, a water main burst took place and resulted in a huge sinkhole in Harborne Lane.

A 42- inch water main pipe got burst 10 metre underneath the ground. This resulted in a flood like situation in Selly Oak.

Just because it was a double pipe system and one of the pipes survived other’s destruction, there was no shortage of water for the local residents. Around 200,000 homes were being supplied a big of discolored water for a while though.

These were the 10 worst water pipe bursts reported around the world. If you think that any incident is missing in the list, please feel free to suggest in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to share this article. Till next time!


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