Surprising Source of Arsenic in Your Drinking Water—Will EPA Take Steps to Protect Your Health?

Pure water is one of the most important foundations for optimal health. Unfortunately, most tap water is far from pure, containing a vast array of disinfection byproducts, chemicals, heavy metals and even pharmaceutical drugs. Fluoride and arsenic are two prime examples of hazardous water contaminants. Not only is the level of arsenic in US tap […]

CST Wastewater adds service division

CST Wastewater Solutions is adding a dedicated full-time Service Division to the company. The new service is designed for municipal and industrial users of waste water and water recycling technologies that do not always have optimal engineering services available in-house, says the Managing Director of CST Wastewater solutions Michael Bambridge. “Waste water treatment and water […]

Researchers exploring new water-based method for testing met-coal samples

Roben Jig coal washing process could more accurately evaluate coal quality A new method of testing exploration coal samples could not only be less harmful to the environment, it could also result in a more accurate assessment of how economically viable coal projects are. The Canadian Carbonization Research Association (CCRA) and Geoscience BC will this […]