CST Wastewater adds service division

CST Wastewater Solutions is adding a dedicated full-time Service Division to the company.

The new service is designed for municipal and industrial users of waste water and water recycling technologies that do not always have optimal engineering services available in-house, says the Managing Director of CST Wastewater solutions Michael Bambridge.

“Waste water treatment and water recovery technologies have advanced significantly in recent years, but they have to be properly installed and maintained to get the cost-savings and OHS benefits available,” he said.

“Often the councils and companies that would benefit most from the engineering and performance advances are the ones that are least able to provide the engineering skills involved from their own resources. We aim to provide services to fill that gap,” said Bambridge.

CST has provided service and maintenance on a customer request basis during this time, but increasing demand has led to the establishment of a full-time service division, led by CST’s Projects Manager, Dimce Mihailovski.

“Dimce Mihailovski has been an authority in equipment maintenance for over 30 years, and brings outstanding project management and engineering expertise to the role,” said Bambridge. “Not only does the Service Division he leads have expert knowledge of the technology and the industry, but also the team has excellent problem-solving skills and will look at each customer’s needs individually.”

The new Services Division will offer inspections, service and maintenance not only for all equipment supplied by CST, but also for screening and grit removal equipment supplied by other manufacturers. These services include:

  • Equipment performance and operational inspections
  • Breakdown service maintenance with spares supplies
  • Planned and scheduled service and maintenance

Henry Sapiecha

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