10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

There is nothing more idyllic than white sand & turquoise waters with palms swaying in the soft cool sea breeze. These ten beaches of the world were selected by a panel as 10 of the world’s best. Dreams are made of this. Enjoy the reality of this beautiful world. SHARE.


1…Ko Phi Phi Don Island

It’s the largest in the Ko Phi Phi archipelago and the only one with permanent residents in the group of Phi Phi islands. It is part of Thailand but to get to it; one has to take a 90-minute ferry ride from the mainland or the island of Phuket.

For some time the island has acted as a magnet for tourists. From its natural beauty, this limestone island offers various activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving for those who wish to explore its excellent marine life. Other physical activities include cliff climbing. For the more laid back, relaxing on the beach and sampling the local delicacies as well as shopping in the numerous tourist shops will make your trip worthwhile.

2…Half Moon Bay, Jamaica

Enjoy activities like horseback riding, snorkeling or just relax on the crystal clear water beach. Jamaica is known for its reggae culture, and you can be sure to enjoy the culture on the beach from the many hotels and resorts that hold reggae concerts.

The beach is always quiet and peaceful in the evenings, and you can get away from the town’s hustle and bustle and just relax.

3…Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia. Greece.

This beach is considered as one of the most famous beaches in Greece. It is surrounded by majestic green cliffs, and its floor is made of tiny white pebbles. The sea waters change color from dark blue to electric blue and turquoise, and the views that Myrtos beach offers are always mesmerizing each day.

This beach can easily be reached via a private boat, or by road with a motorbike or public means. Here you will experience the most romantic sunset.

4…Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

This beach is packed with numerous numbers of restaurants, shops and, small agencies. One remarkable thing is that no cars are allowed on this part of the island. The only mode of transport is wheelbarrows which ferry tourists’ luggage.

There are two ways you can access this island: you can take a 2-hour Catamaran but if you tend to get sea sick avoid this option and for the second one where you take a 40 min calm boat ride, 1.5 hours air conditioned bus ride followed by a 12min speed boat ride.

Once you get off the boat, you will have to pay a tourist tax of $4. Plan to visit this beach during the summer months when the temperatures are warm and the beach is filled with party goers. While on their beaches, enjoy diving, banana boating, snorkeling, surfing or visit the light house for amazing views.

5…Grace Bay, Providenciales Island

You will find most of Providenciales resorts and hotel around this beach. Nearly all the luxurious hotels are found here. It also houses banks and gift shops. The unfortunate thing about Providenciales is that they don’t have public transport.

If you want to get to the beach, you will have to either use a bike, walk, hire a rental vehicle or go by taxi. The beauty of Grace Bay is that it is pretty easy to navigate and is smaller in size so, you can easily walk. Just remember that the sun can be quite intense.

6…Omaha Beach in Normandy, France

This is the arena where the final defining moments of the Second World War played out. Located across the English Channel, it is from here that the Allied forces were able to dislodge the German army from France.

The best way to get the significance of the events that took place here is to take a guided tour, even without being a war buff, a trip to the American Cemetery and Memorial is a somber experience that brings into sharp focus the sacrifices made for us to have the world we have today.

7…White Haven Beach, Australia

The startling white sand of Whitehaven Beach in Australia is 98% white silica. This, however, is not the only reason why this pristine stretch of beach should be top of any tourist list. It is part of the Great Barrier Reef and can be accessed by helicopter, seaplane or boat with each trip offering unique views.

As part of a protected park, the beauty of the place can be enjoyed from the comfort of an organized cruise ship trip. Other activities include snorkeling off the reef with its rich marine life, traveling in a high-speed catamaran or going on a guided hike on Hill Inlet.

8…Tulum Beach in Mexico

This beach is like a giant aquarium offering excellent snorkeling opportunities. Its other attractions include the well preserved Mayan ruins on a 45foot cliff overlooking the sea and the fabulous beaches where you can laze and soak in the sun. For the adventurous, their explorer appetite will be whetted by exploring the caves and caverns in Sac Actun.

With plenty of good quality hotels that offer both local and international cuisine, tourists are spoilt for choice. There are also cultural and themed tours to educate and entertain visitors. For those interested in wildlife, Tulum Monkey Sanctuary and Dolphineris Tulum are just some of the places to visit.

9…Aharen Beach on Tokashiki Island, Japan

It’s a place of beauty with its sparkling white sand. The water is so clear that you will have no spotting the blue and black schools of fish that abound here. It does not end there as tourists can explore the wild nature of the island which includes amazing grottoes.

One can also take a kayak to sea under an experienced guide. There are also other sparsely islands nearby that can be explored after a boat ride.

10..Navagio Beach, Greece

This beach started as a ship wreck that has always being suspected of smuggling contraband cigarettes. It is also known as the smugglers’ cove which is the most famous beach in Greece. It can only be accessed by boat. The boat shipwrecked in 1980 when it hit rocks due to bad weather.

If you plan on going there, make sure to carry your necessities as you won’t find any facilities there. Also, remember to carry a sun umbrella as the heat that radiates from the white cliffs is unbearable, and there is no shade on this beach.







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