Ozone pen zaps water potable as you travel

Roving Blue’s new O-Pen brings ozone purification anywhere you go The highlight of Overland Expo East was the large motor vehicles and trailers, but the show also had some interesting tech in smaller packages. Perhaps the smallest of all, the Roving Blue O-Pen supports off-roaders and world travelers by keeping drinking water clean and fresh. […]

Bottled water manufacturer & supplier in Australia admits consumers just paying for plastic not ‘pure, safe’ water

So you’re thirsty, you may justify forking out $2 for a bottle of “purified” water. But some players in the burgeoning bottled water industry see you as simply buying plastic. USA BOTTLED WATER VIDEO EXPOSURE SCAM  www.scamsfakes.com The odd world of bottled water How much does your bottled water cost? Where is it sourced from? […]

New study maps Earth’s hidden groundwater for the first time

A new study estimates a total volume of almost 23 million cubic kilometers of total groundwater (Credit: University of Victoria/T Gleeson/K Befus/S Jasechko/E Luijendijk/M Cardenas) A new study has, for the first time, estimated the total volume of groundwater present on the Earth. The results show that we’re using up the water supply quicker than […]

Manoj Bhargava the Indian billionaire pledges fresh water production for the poor

For billionaire Manoj Bhargava (like many other people), the world is a place full of problems. Between poverty, pollution, food growth, and access to water, the list seems to be ever growing. That’s why he’s recently pledged to spearhead a group aimed at giving away all their billions to turning things around for mankind. Here’s […]

Chemicals In Water – Full Documentary HD – Mind blowing Documentaries

ooo Henry Sapiecha  

Bioelectronic nose sniffs out bacteria in water

Currently, when scientists want to know if bacteria are present in water, they have two main choices. They can take a sample to the lab, where they’ll try growing the suspected bacteria in it, and then count the number of resulting colonies to determine the concentration. Or, they can analyze it using expensive lab-based gas […]

Water treatment technologies powerful enough to reverse drought in the desert

A glass half full: These water treatment technologies are so powerful they can fight drought in the desert Water scarcity has again become a hot topic as California and Texas lurch into their fourth year of drought and Brazil’s Sao Paulo may start rationing water in 2015. But in some parts of the world the […]

USA Louisiana residents warned of brain-eating organism in their water supply

Water warning culprit is Naegleria fowleri, a type of warm-water-loving microorganism, which can work its way into the brain Once in the brain, N fowleri quickly eats brain tissue and causes an infection that with few exceptions kills its hosts within two weeks. Photograph: AP For the third time in a year, Louisiana residents are […]

Huge reserves of freshwater lie under the ocean floor say university scientists

Scientists in Australia have reported the discovery of huge freshwater reserves preserved in aquifers under the world’s oceans. The water has remained shielded from seawater thanks to the accumulation of a protective layer of sediment and clay. And it’s not a local phenomenon. Such reserves are to be found under continental shelves off Australia, China, […]


WARNING THAT WORLD POPULATIONS COULD FACE WATER SHORTAGES Worldwide population growth and the related rapid increase in urbanization is already posing problems in many areas for the management of that most precious of resources, water. With these problems only set to intensify, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has released a study outlining […]

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