Jakarta’s Giant Seawall Is Useless if the City Keeps Sinking

Late last week, president Joko Widodo of Indonesia told the AP that he’s fast-tracking a decade-in-the-making plan for a giant seawall around Jakarta, a city that’s sinking as much as 8 inches a year in places—and as seas rise, no less. Models predict that by 2050, a third of the city could be submerged. It’s […]

Mine water management: recent results from India

One of the largest cement manufacturing companies in India, OCL India Limited, produces limestone from its open-cut Lanjiberna mine. With increases in mining depth, the mine is facing significant inflow of water, resulting in the formation of pit lakes. The area experiences significant rainfall during the monsoon months. OCL retained SRK India to help advise […]

Mine Water Management Overview

As the mining industry focuses on improving productivity, reducing operating costs, and venturing into ever more challenging and remote locations for new projects, there is an increased need to look upon water as a whole-project issue. Add broader perspectives such as stakeholder considerations and effects of a changing climate and water can present a significant […]


WATER BOARD  WIDE BAY FRASER COAST RESUMED BY LOCAL  COUNCIL……. COMMENTS BY TIM WALDRON EX-WATER CHIEF The decision to put the Fraser Coast’s water and sewerage infrastructure and servicing back into total council control is a major step backwards, says Tim Waldron who ran Wide Bay Water Corporation for 10 years. “You should never move […]