What To Do If You Encounter a Flash Flood. Videos & images here

Flash floods are common in many parts of the country and should not be taken lightly. If you get stuck in a vehicle during a flood, keep your cool and follow these steps. The number one rule when you encounter any water crossing the road is to turn around. It might look like a little bit of water […]

News splash! Wastewater treatment surges toward being energy neutral

There’s a buzz at the point where wastewater and energy meet—and the buzz phrase is “energy neutrality”. Hear it this week at the Ozwater conference, on any day at the University of Queensland Advanced Water Management Centre, in the offices of Melbourne Water and Yarra Valley Water… in Australian cities and country areas. As populations increase, our […]

Bizarre fourth state of water discovered

A sample of beryl and an illustration that shows the strange shape water molecules take when found in the mineral’s cage-like channels (Credit: ORNL/Jeff Scovil). You already know that water can have three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. But scientists at the Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) have discovered that when it’s put […]

WaterDrop puts water savings in the bag

Recently, showers like the Nebia and the Hamwell’s e-Shower have launched to help us save water when showering. The WaterDrop foldable watering can, however, takes a much simpler approach. It is designed to collect the average 3.5 l (0.8 gal) of water we waste waiting for the shower to warm up. Designed by Spanish startup […]

Connected shower head changes colors to highlight your water wastage

Users can create individual profiles on the smartphone app to log showers and track overall water usage It can be pretty easy to lose sight of your water usage when taking a shower. Indeed standing under that powerful stream is a perfect way to churn through a lot of both water and energy. The team […]

Manoj Bhargava the Indian billionaire pledges fresh water production for the poor

For billionaire Manoj Bhargava (like many other people), the world is a place full of problems. Between poverty, pollution, food growth, and access to water, the list seems to be ever growing. That’s why he’s recently pledged to spearhead a group aimed at giving away all their billions to turning things around for mankind. Here’s […]

Chemicals In Water – Full Documentary HD – Mind blowing Documentaries

ooo Henry Sapiecha  


OOO Henry Sapiecha  

Sea levels will rise, NASA experts issue warning, and ‘it’s very likely to get worse’

NASA: Sea level rise accelerating NASA releases new images showing a global sea level rise of four inches in the last two decades. NASA is undertaking an “intensive research effort” into the problem of rising seas brought on by global warming, the agency announced Wednesday. And it will include satellite mounted tools so accurate that “if they were […]


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