Tahoe refutes allegations in reports of water contamination

Image of the Shahuindo mine by Tahoe Resources. Tahoe Resources (TSX, NYSE:THO) is denying a media report issued on Thursday that its Shahuindo mine in Peru has contaminated local water supplies. The story (in Spanish) by Cajabamba Peru, stated that heavy rains caused a leaching pit to overflow and flooded a nearby village. “The heavy rains […]

Bad health news for surfers

SURFERS are three times more likely to have dangerous superbugs in their bodies than non-surfers. For the first time, international researchers have discovered that wave riders have a higher rate of the bacteria E coli in their gut that does not respond to the antibiotic cefotaxime. Cefotaxime has previously been prescribed to kill off these […]

USA Louisiana residents warned of brain-eating organism in their water supply

Water warning culprit is Naegleria fowleri, a type of warm-water-loving microorganism, which can work its way into the brain Once in the brain, N fowleri quickly eats brain tissue and causes an infection that with few exceptions kills its hosts within two weeks. Photograph: AP For the third time in a year, Louisiana residents are […]


HUMAN WASTE IN PUBLIC SWIMMING POOLS ARE A CONCERN Chlorine is supposed to take care of most of the microbes floating around in pools, but human waste, it seems, is stubbornly resistant to being sanitized. AAA That’s the conclusion of a group of  researchers from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who collected water samples […]